April 11th, 2006


Something made me smile today

As I was coming home from work, before the Grove business meeting, I was stopped at a traffic light and glanced up in the rearview mirror. Behind me was a red pick-up truck, newer model, with a man and a woman, both in their twenties. The guy made some wild gesticulation with his arms. I believe he was playing air drums. Then both of them burst into spontanous and vigorous dancing. Not just moving their heads back and forth, but full body contorting, arms in the air dancing, or at least as much as you can do while seated in a car. I just had to smile. They did not look silly, but rather, exhuberent and full of joy. My smile grew bigger. They would calm down occasionally, probably in between songs, then start up again. They were fully engaged in enjoying themselves, blissfully uncaring what others might think seeing their gyrations.

It made want to be as free and uninhibited as them. I'm not much of one to dance. I get very self conscious and super shy. It's like there is a wall inside that won't let me beyond a certain point. I've been dancing only a few times and it was very hard to get out there. Actually at Summerlands, I had a strong urge to get out and dance, but felt too shy. But seeing this couple made me wish I could do that as well. What was amazing was that while neither of them spent much time looking at the other, they were generally in sync the whole time. They would start at the same time, make similar turns at the same time. It was something to behold. The joy that they were generating has stayed with me all evening.

At the business meeting some mention was made of the big grin on my face and I merely said that I was in a really good mood, without saying why.
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New keyboard and things

I got a new keyboard. The microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard. It's black with white lettering and now matches my computer. My old keyboard was the standard beige coler. The keys slope away from you as this is more natural. However, I can't rearrange the keys to the Dvorak keyboard pattern as the keys are different shapes. So I ordered some key labels to put on the keys. Problem solved. But... after I submitted the order I realized that I had ordered the grey with black lettering labels. This would look odd, so I sent an e-mail asking if they would switch colors. I got an e-mail that the order went out yesterday. This e-mail was from the US Postal Service, so didn't mention any product details. I never got a e-mail from the company that I had ordered from. I hope they were able to switch colors. Either way, it will be nice to have the labels. They are printed on the underside of the labels, so your fingers won't come into direct contact with the print. So they should last a long time.

Also, I sent out a resume today for a new job. It is an assistatn editor job at the Institute for Contituing Legal Education, which is part of the University of Michigan. I had applied there several years ago, but they went with someone with more experience. I had made it to the second interview and had a nice rapport with the person hiring. It was a really nice place and the best part is the university benefits. Since UM is a hospital school, the medical coverage is very generous. I would get like 15 personal days, 2 weeks vacation off the bat, and the week between Christmas and New Years off, paid. A university job is always coveted. So everyone wish me luck and pray hard for my success. My current job is really sucky and I really need something else.

Now it's off to play City of Heroes. My main character, the healer, is level 44 out of 50. I went up 4 levels in a single weekend. It's still a very cool game. I carefully plan out all the levels for all my characters in Excel, and then I go over it all, obsessively, until I can tweak it just right. And then I go over it again. Not only that, but I have to plan out what I want to do in the game to make sure I get the accolades I want in the soonest time. Plus there is the whole social aspect to the game that's fun. I frequently get to play with my brother, who lives about an hour from me, as well as my friends.
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