April 12th, 2006

new Rod

Saw my Mom today...

She is getting a bit worse. She can hardly sit up in a chair by herself she's so weak. She asked how my dad was doing. He's been dead for almost three and a half years. I told her he was good. It's so hard and sad to see her like this. I realized that the mother I knew is gone. There is only a broken shell left that painfully reminds you of better times. I cried on the way home. I couldn't even talk to Liz when I got home. I got too choked up.

My mom will be coming for Easter dinner this Sunday. I almost dread the experience. After my dad died the only thing that kept her alive was taking care of the animals. Now that has been taken from her and she has deterioriated quickly.

I just realized I don't have an icon for sadness...
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