June 27th, 2006

new Rod


My car is in the shop. Nothing too serious. My driver side window decided it didn't want to roll up or down anymore and it got stuck down. I had been having some trouble with it and it was always hard to roll up. Then a little while ago it stopped rolling down by itself. I would roll the handle and then have to push the window down. I would then be able to roll it up using the handle. Then on Tuesday night it stopped rolling up. And we were due for some bad weather. I put a tarp over the window and this morning took it to the shop.

It needs a new tract thingy and a new handle assembly, or something similar. $405.54 with tax. The part won't come in until Thursday.

We had a humongous storm today during work. We lost power momentarily. There was so much hail that it looked like it was snowing. The drain in the parking lot overflowed, something I have never seen before. A tree by the road fell over. I really hope that my car was being stored indoors at the shop.

Our bosses are out of town. Not sure when they are getting back. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it is very nice not to have to deal with them and their handwritten scribbly notes. It is much more relaxed. On the other hand they went home to Iowa because their dad is dying. So yay, but then, how sad. I've decided to just enjoy it while I can.

Our office will be closed on the 3rd, so we will have a nice long weekend. Weee.