September 7th, 2006

squirrely wrath


After work, I went to see my mother, who was in the hospital again. on the way home, my car suddenly decided it didn't want to work. I had missed the street I wanted and turned around. When I gunned the engine to pull out to head the other way, suddenly there was a loud thunk and my car would only make loud revving noises. I tried other gears, but nothing. I managed to get it off the road, only to find that no gear would work. I'm not a mechanic, but this says to me that the transmission is gone.

I unfortunately didn't have my cell with me and had to wank a long time to get to a phone to call my beloved wife to come get me. When she arrived, we went back to my car and got my stuff and went home. I had noticed earlier that there was a transmission shop right across where I waited for Liz. There is also another one down the road a bit.

I'll go back tomorrow and make arrangements to get it fixed. This could have happened in a much worse place than it did, so I'm grateful for that.

But still...
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Random Havamal Verse

Got two today as they sort of go together. Actually it's part of a longer set, but the pointer ended up between these two, so I included both.

Afire with longing" I left her then,
Deceived by her soft words:
I thought my wooing had won the maid,
That I would have my way.

After nightfall I hurried back,
But the warriors were all awake,
Lights were burning, blazing torches:
So false proved the path