October 22nd, 2006

squirrely wrath

I think this is important.

Here is a link to a documentary by Aaron Russo about how there is no law requiring us to pay income taxes and also warning us about the New World Order. I knew this, but how many of you know that the Federal Reserve Board is not a Government Agency, but rather a private cartel of banks?


I found this very disturbing to watch, especially the former IRS people who tried to find the law requiring us to pay taxes and not finding anything. They all now do not file taxes.

There was also a court case (and they show one of the jurers who acquitted a man of 4 counts of tax evasion) where the jury ruled in favor of the defendent because no one could supply them with a copy of the law requiring individuals to pay income tax. Since there was no federal law and the State of Illinois required that only those who are required to pay Federal income tax pay State tax, there was no laws broken by this individual not paying either Federal or State taxes.

The Supreme Court has interpreted the 16th Amendment as not giving the Government the right to institude new taxes and that it is a tax only on gains made by actions taken, such as by corporations. Your job is not a gain, but an exchange. It would seem the Capital Gains tax is the only valid income tax out there. Roads are paid for by gasoline tax. The military is paid for by corporate income tax. Education is paid for by local property tax. All income tax is used to pay the interest on government loans from the Federal Reserve. Income tax only started in 1913. Also a Supreme Court Justice found that the 16th Amendment wasn't ratified properly.

I think I'm voting Libertarian from now on.
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