October 29th, 2006

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Halloween scary treats

Liz and I, along with friends, Mike and Diane, went to a local orchard where they have a variety of haunted things. Hayrides, labyrinths, mines, barns, asylums, etc. We went to two attractions, the Barn and the Mined Shaft. Liz always gets really scared at these things. I end up smiling throughout the whole thing. I go in knowing that it is all fake and that no one is allowed to touch us. Given that, I found the Barn much more thrilling than the Mine one. The tableaux were very nicely done and the actors didn't respect the natural boundaries of the sets which put things in your lap a bit more. There was one scene where there was some guy in an ugly monster mask with some sort of power tool. He drops down and reaches out past his area and swipes at your feet, the tool making a huge noise. Nice touch. And there were pig heads that swung out at you with strobe lights going. Things like that.

There was a big group of teen-aged girls that went in ahead of us. Three of them came running back out quickly, too scared to finish the thing.

The mine one was a bit lame, although they had a few good effects.

Best part was getting cider and donuts afterwards. The Barn attraction exited right at the bakery where they had hot cider and donuts. We ended up leaving with some donuts, a couple caramel apples (covered in peanuts), a half gallon of cider, and a jar of apple butter.

Then we went to a Bakers Square restaurant for something to eat and then went home.

As a kid, Halloween was my very favorite holiday and to some extent it still is. I'm thrilled that I get to hand out candy for the trick or treaters. It's like I'm carrying on a sacred tradition.
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We went shopping

Today, I upgraded my cell phone online to a blue Razr and added Liz to the my plan. She also got a Razr (a pink one). Since I was coming from AT&T, I had to upgrade my plan to a Cingular one, which was pretty painless to do. I've never had a fancy cell phone before. I'm rather excited. The phones will be shipped to us.

We also went out grocery shopping and I got a new shirt and we also got a new laundry basket. Oh, I also got a new pair of slippers that are very comfy.

I made dinner of kielbasa and stir fry vegetables. Very yummy.