November 20th, 2006

jolly Rod


Well, our company has officially been bought. The owners will retain 20% ownership. It was bought by some people in California who care about and respect the organic business. This is good news as we will be getting a General Manager and the company will finally be managed properly. A former co-worker said that the company could be amazingly successful if it could be managed in a good way. This means that we will have the necessary cash flow and hopefully a decent management computer system needed to really prosper.

First perk, it looks like we will be getting the Friday after Thanksgiving off with pay. Never before in the 7 years I've been working at American Health & Nutrition has this happened. One would have to use vacation time for that. We also had this celebration thing at work. We came in the office to find helium ballons everywhere. There were also a plate of donuts and cheese, and later ice cream cakes (yes, plural ice cream cakes) and a big plate of expensive pasties. I had the densest, most rich brownie ever, drizzled with dark chocolate and covered in almond slices.

Other news, I've gotten onto the test server on City of Heroes. I wanted to try out the new and upcoming changes and didn't want to wait until they went live. Very impressive stuff. I feel all suitably geeky. They have kilts for male characters now! I'll have to post a picture some time. Very nice. And soon, wings! Wings that actually flap when you fly.
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Random Havamal Quote

This one is in the "Rune" part of the Havamal and is one of the 18 charms tha Odin claims to know. Despite the learned opinion of Guido Von List, I do not consider these descriptions of runes, but rather descriptions of spells.

I know a ninth:
when need I have
To shelter my ship on the flood,
The wind it calms, the waves it smoothes
And puts the sea to sleep,