November 25th, 2006

new Rod


It's been a busy day. I woke around 10am or so. Got ready and had my hair cut (I look really cute). Then I went back to Best Buy to return the case and arm band thing for the mp3 player I bought. I didn't realize that it already came with something like that. I also picked up more comfortable ear buds for it. They are very nice. Then I went to the Cingular store and got my voice mail working. It was defunct before. It took they guy a long time plus a call to somewhere to get it working. That's a relief.

Got home and got a large meal ready. leftover turkey wings, mashed potatoes, more yummy fruit salad and a munch of carrot and celery sticks. Now I'm watching the History channel. They are doing a history of the Russian empire and are just about to get to Ivan the Terrible.
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