December 10th, 2006

new Rod

Nice Surprise

Liz and I went to our company's Holiday party last night. It was nice, however, the best part was the bonus we received. Whev I first started working there we would get $50 gift certificates to a nice restaurant chain in Ann Arbor. Then it went down to $40. Then we got $40 cash. The last couple years it's been $30 cash. This year I got a check for $450, and Liz got one for even more. We got a bonus based on how long we've been working there. My jaw dropped open when I saw the amount.

Anyway, we had a good time, the food was good.

I've got a bit of a sinus headache this morning and am drinking lots of water to get hydrated. That seems to be helping.

We will be working on getting the basement in order and cleared out. We want to eventually get an excercise machine and need the room. Plus I'm going to make one corner into a studio for my painting.