December 13th, 2006

new Rod

Adventures in Rod Land

Well, I went to with my $450 bonus from work and got this laptop. With shipping it came to $424. It is 1.8Ghz and has a Radeon 9000 all in wonder graphics card. I was really excited. But then came the e-mail that my credit card (a check card) had been declined. WTF? It turns out that in my haste to set up my U-Bid account, I didn't put in the right expiration date. Ooops. Then they had trouble because I'm having it shipped to work rather than my house, since it's going by FedEx and will need a signature. But everything is good now and I should be getting it soon. Yay.

Next, I'm going on a business trip to Canada. So 2 weeks ago I applied for a passport. They took my birth certificate and name change thing which will be sent along with by application. I got the expedited service which means I get the passport in 3 weeks. See the quandry? I was going on my trip in 2 weeks and not only would I not have the passport, but I found myself with out my birth certificate and proof of name change. So today I went to downtown Detroit to get new copies. Everything went well, so I'm all set for my trip. Still I hate having to go to Detroit. I much prefer Ann Arbor.

Tomorrow is pot luck at work. I'm making my famous chili. The key ingredients is a bottle of Harps lager. Sometimes I'll use a bottle of Guinness.

I've also ordered some organic shirts. Organic clothing is suppose to be really comfortable. Plus it's organic.
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