December 25th, 2006

new Rod

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It was a good Christmas here. A good Yule as well. I must say it's been quite a prosperous season. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I was able to get a new laptop. It arrived last week Monday. It was missing some RAM, but that is on the way. I have it hooked up to an external monitor and keyboard. My organic t-shirts also arrived last Monday. I forget if I already mentioned this, but I was able to turn in Citibank points to get $125 worth of Borders gift cards. I got another $120 today in Borders gift cards today. W00t! I will have fun shopping tomorrow! I also got a Ravensclaw scarf. It has the house crest on it and everything. Liz got a Slytherin one. We also got a goodly amount of cash.

So shopping tomorrow.
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