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All must fear the Art Fair of Doom.

Well, it's been a day. I was very pleased to get my postcard from beautycorrosion yesterday. Thank you very much!

Went running today and was pleased with my progress. I'm running further each time before I'm forced to walk from exhaustion. And I'm recovering quicker so I can run some more. Still, I was very, very tired afterwards, and my ankle still hurts. Poor me.

It was another brutal ninja class Monday as the guest instructor, John, was there again. He will also be there next Monday as well. I got a surprising lesson regarding the effectiveness of my art. John asked a fellow student to punch him so he could demonstrate a technique. The punch wasn't too hard. This upset John, who wanted him to really punch him and make it committed. He then demonstrated on me how he wanted us to punch. I stood there as he punched me in the chest and I suddenly found myself flying backwards at a high rate of speed. I stumbled and ended up hurting my right hand trying to catch myself. For awhile I thought it might be broken, but it appears to be only deeply bruised. I was startled by the sheer potency of the punch. And John didn't even hit me that hard. But he did use proper technique. I was very impressed. I still need to relax more and not be so stiff, which is hard for me. I tend to just get physically tense very easily and really have to consciously make myself relax.

And it's Art Fair week here in Ann Arbor. It runs from Wednesday to Saturday. They close off a bunch of streets downtown and hundreds of vendors descend upon the city. It's a really big deal here. Liz and I will be taking her parents on Saturday. Parking will be a pain as one of the main parking lots is taken over by the vendors. But its fun to wander around looking at the stuff. Last year I saw some really nice pieces of art. The sunday paper had this big scare article. It recommended people have wide brim hats, lots of sun screen, lots of water, even getting one of those back pack water thingies. It made it sound like you were preparing for desert survival training and that heat exhaustion is the leading cause of death in the world and that if you didn't follow these steps, you will die, Die, DIE!!!!!

Eating Subway now and watching TV. I forgot to take my contacts out Sunday and didn't really have time on Monday, as I wanted to have them on for the ninja class. So I took them out this morning and wore my glasses. Glasses suck! My eyes were like, "Ahhhh, we are naked! We need something covering us!" It made running hard as they kept slipping. Also at work when I talked on the phone it would push the ear piece and nudge the glasses a bit which disrupted my vision. I just felt vulnerable and uncomfortable.
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