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Well today sucked...

Coming back to the real world really sucked Not only am I having to adjust to a life without hot tubs, but work totally sucked. There were two big problems. The first was that we had a truck stuck at the border coming in from Canada because the processor didn't have their FDA bioterrorism registration number. That stupid regulation will probably cost our country more in the long run than any terrorist act it's suppose to protect us from.

The second problem was worse. We got an angry e-mail from one of our Japanese customers about a shipment of soybeans that we recently sent. Apparently there was oil and some sort of yellow flour on the flour of the containers. This ruined quite a few bags. The containers should not have been used and turned away so that properly cleaned ones could have been sent out. And that's not ever the worst part. They found a dead bird in one of the bags of soybeans. They sent us a bunch of pictures of the containers, the bags and the dead bird. It looks like a starling. Anyway, now they are worried about disease in the product. Apparently the last time a bird disease issue came up in Japan the company in question went bankrupt and the president of the company committed suicide. They said that they didn't want to deal with us anymore as they had a contract for quality soybeans, not dead bird soybeans. What really sucks is that this customer had not bought anything from us for a long while because of past problems. We were hoping to have everything go well so that we could win back their business. Oh well...

And I still have glitter on me after two showers. I guess it makes me look purdy...

Had our Grove's Liturgist Round Table tonight at my house for SLG's Midsummer High Day. We honor Bel and Danu our primal father and mother gods. RH was the only one to show as G, his fiance, had a flat tire. We decided to do the same thing as last year, but to change the return blessing part. Last year we all wrote down a trait that we didn't want and put into a doll which was then burned. The idea was to burn away the bad trait. This year we will be writing things that we want to come into fruition and putting that on the doll to be burned. The idea here is that that the thing we want to see come to fruition (and it should be something already started) will be taken up by Bel and worked on. We will then take the ashes and drop them in the river so that Danu can also help. Of course, if anyone wanted to take some of the ashes home as well, that would be fine too.

Thankfully, Bel and Danu are kind of like grandparents and are easy to please. Bel does like things thrown into the fire, so we always make sure we have some corn meal for folks to throw in. I will be leading this ritual. I tend to lead Yule and Midsummer.

Must get to bed
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