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Running.... running... run....rrrrr..... - Jumping into the Void — LiveJournal

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July 26th, 2004

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07:18 pm - Running.... running... run....rrrrr.....
Went running after work. I'm very pleased with my progress. I made it twice around my trail circuit before walking. Then I walked half way and ran the rest, repeat. I ran more than I walked, which certainly wasn't the case when I first started. I may not have been running very fast, but I was running. Yay me! I've found that fortifying myself with Runic Reiki realy helps. I concentrated on the symbol Shai Nal and could actually feel strength flowing into me. The trick is to really focus on the ball part (at your second chakra) and then be aware of the line part stretching up through the top of your head like an attenna.

My ankle is feeling better too. I'm sure it's a combination of chiropractic and Runic Reiki. It was twinging pretty heavily as I ran, but it's a lot better that what it was last week.

I'll be going to ninja class soon. That John guy will be back for a final time to go over what we need for our blackbelt test.

When I get back, I think I'll tackle that "100 things about me" thing that I saw danicia and therubydolphin had. I hope I can think of 100 things about myself. Should be entertaining, if not incoherent.

The kitten is chasing her tail on the couch. Silly kitty...
Current Mood: tiredtired

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