uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

weird dream

I had the strangest dream. I was this really cool guy in high school. At one point these "popular" girls were giving me a hard time, but I put them in their place and made them feel bad. Then it switched to cartoon mode and I went up to the roof to meet my girlfriend. We could both change into cats and teleport. So we were teleporting all around the roof, talking. There might have been sex, but this wasn't shown. Also there might have been some Kim Possible elements in the dream. Then, back in looking real, I went to this rave and there was one girl that was claustrophobic who was having a hard time coping. She was all wide eyed and mumbling to herself to try to keep herself from flipping out. I went to get some food. Then I woke up. There were other parts, walking down a school corridor with someone, and also another classroom, but I don't remember everything that happened, although it was here that things were rather Kim Possible like, but not a cartoon.
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