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After we go to the company picnic, Liz and I will be going out for sushi/sashimi at a very nice Japanese restaurant near us called Saica. They have really good food. Liz is a sushi/sashimi snob after being stationed in Japan while in the navy. She didn't trust sushi in the states, but really likes Saica. We went there for my birthday last January and I thought the raw salmon tasted better than the cooked salmon I had. I had a sushimi plate at Musashi's some years ago and didn't really like it at all (except the octopus). The stuff at Saica was far superior. Very yummy. Liz also likes this tofu thing there. I think it's gross, but am glad she likes it.

My pecan pie looks like it turned out good. I put in a few chocolate chips for a extra bit of flavor.
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