uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Witches Weekly Thingy

Taken from sihaya09.

Witches Weekly

What is one item that is sacred to you? (Can be anything, tool, amulet, object, etc)

The statues I use for my Deities. I see them as gateways to my Deities and therefore more than just mundane objects.

What holidays or time of year do you consider most sacred to you personally?

I've got to say Autumn is my favorite time of the year and to me the most magical. It fills me with a sense of longing, something quite fey. There's something in the wind and the scents of Autumn that is beyond words.

Describe your sacred space (can be anywhere, indoors, outdoors, etc):

I don't have a well defined sacred space. There are certain places that seem more sacred and magical to me. Point Clark, Ontario is one such place. It's getting harder to find the magic and sacredness there as it's becoming more built up. But as a child it was the most magical place I could dream about it. That part of Ontario has a timeless quality that was important to me. Now it's getting too modern and that saddens me. But still walking along the beach of Lake Huron at dusk does the trick. I found many holey stones along that beach. Occasionally I will find a spot that resonates with me and have to stand there quietly drinking in its qualities.
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