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Well, Emma is back from the vets, as is Angus. Emma is doing well after her surgery, all bouncy. She's spending the night in her room alone with Liz to help with the transition a bit. We want all the icky hospital smell to have worn off before letting her around Angus. Plus we want to give her a chance to heal more.

We got Gutter Helmet installed on our house. It came with free gutters as well. We were having problems with some water not getting into the gutters at one spot on our house. Plus out downspouts were not large enough. Plus, no more cleaning our gutters. Gutter Helmet is really the best product on the market for this. It is rated at around 28 inches of rain an hour and the record high is like 11 inches an hour.

Went to SLG's business meeting. It was our big Annual Meeting. We hold our business meetings at the cafe in our local Borders Books. This was good as I had $30 worth of gift cards that I redeemed from points from my credit card. I got a Heather Nova CD and Office Space on DVD.

I had to take some work home and do some fancy new vomitoxin test we got in the mail. It's pretty complicated. We got a grinder (to grind the sample) a pipetter (very cool), a timer, reagents, and a demo video. I even had to go out and buy distilled water for it. I spent almost 4 hours trying to learn and then do the test. At least I'm getting paid for it.

Now I have to get the trash ready for trash day tomorrow (well, today actually) before I can go to bed.
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