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I'm sitting here watching the olympics. I've always enjoyed the olympics. The world coming together, working together, etc. It gets me all choked up. I get very sentimental about the whole thing. I almost cry during the Coca Cola commercial where a young woman is walking down a busy street, singing handing out cokes to random people. Tears me up everytime. You know, the olympics is something where it would be great to have TiVo or something like it. It was great seeing a fantastic men's ring routine. Just seeing that level of control and precision was amazing.

I forgot to mention an interesting thing from Saturday. A long, long time friend of my mom, Diane, came for the party. Actually my mom went to pick her up. Now, way back when my mom first got a house with my dad (my real dad, not my biological father), Diane was their neighbor who moved in at the same time. My parents were foster parents for Diane's younger sister Linda. Anyway, I ended up driving Diane home, with my mom along for directions. So I got to see my mom's first house. It was kind of neat.

Got more Magic: the Gathering cards. My order was two cards short, so I wrote the company an e-mail. I'm a bit worried as the current stock of said card is supposedly only 1 left. Man, the grammer of that last sentence sucked. Anyway, the card was an artifact land and cost a quarter, so it's not like I'm out a lot of money. But I did want to get four of them rather than two.
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