uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Very Good Day

Friday night after leaving work around 9pm, Liz and I went to Borders where I gave her money for her birthday. She had some Borders gift cards and with the money I gave her got 2 DVD's (Ned Kelly, for Orlando and Wilde (about Oscar Wilde) for Ioan Gruffydd) and a course to learn Welsh. I didn't have a chance to get Liz her birthday card but would get it Saturday.

Stayed up too late, dozed off, waking around 6am. Went to bed and got up around 11:30. I had a haircut appointment at 12:45, so I showered and got ready. Liz went to drop off books at the sorting place for the AAUW book sale. Then I played a bit of Starcraft until it was time to go. Looked up at the clock and it was just after 1pm. Said bad word. Said bad word again. I then called the salon and rescheduled for 2pm. So I decided I might as well play a bit more Starcraft until it was time to go. Looked up at the clock and it said 2:10pm. Said bad word again. Left house in a hurry to go to the salon. Got there around 2:15 and was able to get my hair cut after apologizing.

Then got Liz her birthday cards. One she could show her folks and one much more suggestive that she might not want to share. Came home and helped Liz straighten up the house. At 6, her folks showed up and we went out to the Olive Garden for dinner. I had the salmon.

Afterwards, we went back to her folks' place for ice cream cake and they gave Liz her birthday card and a little bag with some stuff in it. There was the manual for her dad's Olds Intrigue, paperwork from the Secretary of State and car keys. Turns out, they gave Liz the car! It is a sweet ride, very responsive with nice power. Now we have to decide what to do with the extra car we have. We are thinking of giving one to my mom who had her car stolen. Plus my mom's birthday was last Saturday so it will make a great late birthday present. But, man, the Intrigue is a nice car. I love driving it.

Liz took some pictures of me that I hope to use to make new lj icons. One is of me holding the kitten, Emma. Very cute.

Will sleep in tomorrow as I've not been getting good sleep lately. Also, I'm on vacation all next week, which is so nice. We have to get ready for our yard sale Friday and Saturday. Lots of stuff to organize and sort. But it will be great to have the basement free of clutter. I will have access to my eisel.
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