uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

I'm happy... I'm watching olympic diving. For some reason, I'm not a bit sports far, but I like to watch high diving. I don't search it out or anything, but if it's on, then I ejoy it. Especially when they rip the entry. I prefer platform to spring board.

We are on vacation this week. Getting ready for the big yard sale Friday and Saturday. Man is it grueling work sorting over boxes and boxes of things. We have an entire living room set we are trying to sell: a couch, two easy chairs, a coffee table and and end table. Plus a queen size bed frame, a twin bed plus lots of other things. I hope it all goes, at least the furniture. Our house isn't that big and having a quarter of the basement filled with stuff isn't good.

We've been getting up early and going to Ballys for a workout before tackling the basement. I've been running for a half hour and leaving it at that. I'm too tired and worn out afterwards to try weights just yet. Last time I did, I thought I was going to pass out. I ran 2.57 miles, non-stop today, more or less the same yesterday. I'm liking being able to do this on a consistant basis.

Jennifer was sick and couldn't teach my ninja class on Monday, and called me to ask if I would lead class. It was a pretty relaxed class. I was shown things they did last week during the Monday I missed. Defense from someone grabbing one's lapel and also with someone punching at you. All the techniques were done with one hand and were so easy as to seem silly. That's the amazing thing about Taijitsu; if you are doing it right you aren't using muscle, just technique. This makes your size or gender not as relevant as in other styles.
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