uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Yay, Thursday

Well, tomorrow is the Yard Sale. I went out and put up fliers in and around UM (University of Michigan) as it is student move in week, and they usually need some furniture. The fliers mentioned some of the stuff we were selling and mentioned our address and directions as well. I also designed it with tear off fringes with our address on them so people wouldn't have to find something to write with on the street and could use mapquest later. I put up around four in the student union, hit three kiosks and several telephone poles. As I was walking back to the car after finishing, I noticed that on the first flier I had up had a fringe thing missing! I was elated that someone had taken one. Then after my ninja class, I drove by the same kiosk and noticed that two had been taken. Yay, fliers. I've had people tell me they would stop by, so let's hope they do. We also put an ad in the paper.

I also got a bunch of money out of the bank for change, which was fun as I gave the guy a note showing how much I wanted of each denomination. Then, after I got the fliers all taken care of I had to go to my mom's and the pavilion/screen gazebo tent thing. Those who were at Wellspring know what it looks like.

I'll be so glad when this yard sale is over and really hope that people buy all of our stuff, 'cause I don't want to have to carry it back down to the basement again. I figure the furniture will all go, which are the biggest items and take up the most room. I just hope it doesn't rain.

I'll be going out with the guys Saturday after the yard sale. My brother will be there as well. We will be going to our mom's Sunday to work on plumbing. Yay. I made up two new Magic: the Gathering decks. Both mono-green. I finally got to make my Rabid Wombat/lure/venom deck. Rabid Wombats get plusses for each enchanment on them, so I made sure to add a lot. Plus putting lure and venom an a creature and having it attack makes all your opponent's creatures block it (the lure) and then they all die (the venom). The trick is to add enough enchanments on the Wombat to make him too tough to kill, or put regeneration on him so I can bring him back. Chances are I'll just use him for staight attacks and use other creatures for the lure/venom thing.

The other deck gets out lands quickly which allows me to get big nasty creatures out faster. Fairly straight forward. And I still want to play my angel deck more. It's pretty cool.

Labor Day weekend will be with the guys, but up North. Mike has a family cottage/house near Traverse City. It's very nice up there and all the stores in town look like log cabins. We'll climb Sleeping Bear Dunes, do lots of gaming, stuff like that. Even hit a casino or two.

An ADF member, Flip has a campground not too far. He dos Norse things and is a nice guy. He did a ritual at Fall Fest last year that was very nice. I really liked being in a Norse styled ADF ritual. Especially when Odin was called upon as He's my guy.

Off to the land of Nod...
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