uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Well, we still have stuff leftover from the yard sale, sadly. we will take it to Goodwill, or somesuch place this next week. We made a good bit of money, and Liz should be able to get the Horatio Hornblower series on DVD.

Went out with with the guys later on Saturday. Played a bit of D&D (still consider it an obsolete game. Sure, they've included skills, but they are still fucked up) and then some, Magic. My new, updated Angel deck made a splendid debut. I ended up staying until 3am playing Magic with my friend Kurt. I also got to use my two new mono green decks. They worked out well for the most part, and I've identified a problem or two that could be eisily fixed. My land destruction deck was good as well. There's something nice about getting a Lord of the Pit out in play by turn 4 and not having to worry about him doing damage to me during upkeep.

Sunday I went to my mom's with my brother to finally fix some plumbing in the basement. The faucet for the laundry wash tub was woefully inadequate. We replaced a bunch of pipe, and did a lot of soldering. Soldering is fun. All hail the mighty flux. We got everything done okay and it looks great. Works too. Of course it took three trips to Home Depot. It seems everytime we go to do work at my mom's, it takes at least 3 trips to Home Depot.

Got back close to midnight. Moved a table we used to put stuff on at the yard sale back down to the basement like I said I would.
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