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Had a good weekend.

Left very early Saturday morning 6:30am. My brother Bob and I sat in the backseat and played Masters of Orion II on his laptop. Trip took around 4 hours or so on the road. We stopped at Midland , MI and got breakfast from Kurt's mom. The day was sunny and traffic was light. We got to Glen Arbor a bit past noon. Sat around for a little bit, played some Magic: the Gathering and then went to climb Sleeping Bear Dunes. I was pleased that I was in much better shape than last year and had a much easier time negotiating the climb. Made it to where this picture was taken. We were about halfway to the lake. In this picture you can see where we parked and made our initial jaunt up the dune. Here's a look back towards where we had climbed up. This is where my friend Kurt pooped out. Bob and I went on a couple more hills. Mike didn't make it very far as he was having knee problems. The dunes go on for quite a ways. Wished I had a good camera as we saw quite a few beautiful pictures. Perhaps next time.

After this, we went out to eat and spent the evening playing D&D. Went to bed at 11pm. I swear, my friends have become a bunch of old men!

Got up at 7am to run with my brother, Bob. We went 40 minutes. The scenery was quite nice. Got back to the cottage just in time to walk to town to go to breakfast. Then we hung around abit, played quite a bit of Magic, and then went out to go kayaking. We went to the Platt River and rented from Riverside Canoe Trips. That was a nice trip that really worked the upper body. We saw a large heron standing in the river as we paddled by. We vowed to go on the upper Platt next year, which is a bit faster running.

Went to Traverse City and ate at Mongolian Barbeque, which was really nice. Went home, played D&D a bit more, and played Masters of Orion with my brother until about 1am.

Woke up today at 7am and went running 40 minutes again. I had a harder time than the day before, but managed to make it. I did not go out for breakfast today, instead opting to play more MOO II alone and showering before the guys came back. It was decided to leave early to avoid heavy traffic and so we did. Played more MOO II with Bob on the way back and got back to Ann Arbor around 2:30pm. We played more D&D until around 7pm and then we headed home.

Liz was out with her parents when I got back, but was happy to see her when she got back. She had worked very hard over the weekend cleaning the house and getting it back into shape after the yard sale. It looks beautiful.

Getting all caught up now and haven't read what other people have done yet.

Besides my weekend, I got my new Magic: the Gathering cards. I found the package next to my computer. Very excited.
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