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Wednesdays are good

Work still rather sucks and I continue to look for something else. *sigh*

Got some more Magic: the Gathering cards in the mail, including the cool Infernal Spawn of Evil. I have more on the way. I want to get a good deack ready for the end of November so I can play it at U-Con a gaming convention here in Ann Arbor. I have a plan and the plan is good. My deck will be very cool and very devastating. Much like a naked Orlando Bloom in a room full of women.

I bought a case of paintballs (Big Balls) and am hoping to play on Oct. 9th. Should be fun. I may have mentioned this, but there's nothing like running through the woods shooting paint at people.

I need to get going on my novel more and also my painting. Finding time is a problem. I've been thinking a lot about back story and species development. I'm having a hard time with one species in particular and need to work out some wrinkles. I want things to be fairly fleshed out before I write too much as I don't want to end up writing myself into a corner or worse become inconsistant with how things are to work. I've seen both in books and don't want that for mine.

I went running on Monday after taking a couple weeks off. It was very hard. Liz and I went to Bally's this morning and it was hard running as well. Will go tomorrow and I hope it will be easier.

I got my application into Bally's last week. Hopefully I will soon be able to teach a kids ninja class on Saturdays. I miss teaching, and this will be a lot more fun to teach. Plus a little extra money never hurt either.

Speaking of my ninja class, a classmate, who is only a year older than me, had a small stoke last week. I was shocked and horrified. He's getting better quick, but has to take shots in the stomach for at least 3 months. Some sort of blood thinner thing. And my instructor is threatening to make me test for my black belt in November. That is a truly scary thought.
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