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Well this isthe first entry into my Livejournal. Don't know how interesting it will be overall.

I work at a company that buys and sells organic commodities like soybeans, wheat and corn. I'm in charge of getting the product cleaned and bagged properly before we ship it off to distributers and manufactuers. We buy product from all over the US and Canada, so I have to call up processors in various places to have them process the stuff for us. Did you know that this Monday is a Canadian holiday? That means that the Canadian processors won't be open and could possible screw up our shipping schedule.

Can't say I enjoy my job terribly much anymore. I really want to do something more creative. Doing Reiki for a living wouldn't be bad either. I'm looking forward to being at Wellspring next week. Mostly because I'll be away from the office for 5 days. I've never been and I hope it doesn't rain too much. Not much of a camper and the thought of four nights in a tent isn't the top of my list of really fun things to do. But it will be good to meet all the other ADF people I don't normally get to see. Since I'm the Chief of the ADF Healers and Magicians Guilds, and hope to one day be Guild Master, it's a good political thing to meet people.

Plus I'm looking forward to the Warrior Games. I was undefeated at Trillium's games in the circle challenge and won the over all event. I'm hoping to do as well at Wellspring. Of course I'll wear my mighty ninja boots of doom.

I'd better get some sleep. Grove cofee hour tomorrow night.
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