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I'm catching up on e-mail and um.. siting in front of my computer...

Liz and I rented "Mean Girls." I really liked it. It was a funny movie. My high school was a city wide (Detroit), honors, college prep high school. Renaissance High School. Other kids joked that you had to prove you could spell Renaissance in order to get in. It really prepared me well for college. Anyway, being city wide, there wasn't really any cliques at all. There were people you tended to hang out with, but no us against them kind of thing. Not even with the athletes. Being an artist, I hung out with the art people the most. But a lot of them were into sports and other things, so it wasn't cliquey at all. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It's just that I can't relate to the movies where the cliques are so important. It's not like it translates into college at all (unless you count the Greeks), so who cares? It was a fun movie though.

There are two more Runic Reiki symbols that I will be sharing later, as soon as I've made pictures of them and updated the quick reference sheet and the manual. One is to open and close things and the other is a more permanent form of Reloxone, which is a conduit from a power source to an object of your choosing. For those who don't know what Runic Reiki is, you are missing out on the best Reiki system out there. The fact that I developed it in no way makes me biased. Just ask satikat and sparkliedragon and ceolnamara and lots of other people. Although don't ask chonarchy as he doesn't believe in Reiki. Actually there might be three symbols. One is technically for the theoretical "second level Runic Reiki", but it has a broader usage that might be useful elsewhere.

So I'm hoping it doesn't rain Saturday as I still plan on playing paintball then. Having an electronic gun makes me not like rain. Of course in a pinch I could use my good old Nova 700 one of the first fully pneumatic, boltless paintball guns on the market.

I have two huge Hersey Bars with Almonds. MMMMMM... Chocolate! That reminds me... I need to bring brownies when I visit CLG. It will be the best Samhain I spend out of state this year!!!

I went running yesterday and it went quite well considering I've not been in a couple weeks. I was happy with myself.
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