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Back to Decisive Battles... Yay.

By the way, they are fighting in Syria. A core of chariots made it to Ramses camp just before the Hittites arrived. The Hittite chariots were hampered by tents and were met by the Egyptian infantry. The Hittites mistakenly left their infantry behind, which is bad because they outnumbered the Egyptians. The Hittites got spanked bad. Ramses counterattacked with his chariots. This was a brave act as he had no reinforcements. He prayed and charged. Just in time an Egyptian chariot elite troop arrived just in time to surprise the Hittites. The Hittites freaked. Their chariots were being taken out by the powerful composite Egyptian bows with their armor piercing arrows. They could shoot through a solid copper target. The Hittites chariots were in tight formation and easy target for the bowmen.

When the Egyptians killed a Hittite, they would cut off the right hand as proof of victory. I didn't catch how many were killed as the hands were counted, but it was a lot. In the end, Ramses signed a peace treaty with his Hittite counterpart and took a couple Hittite wives. Neither guy fought the battle they came to do. Neither had the full amount of their troops at any given time.

It was an interesting show. Yes, this is the Ramses that they named the condom brand after. He had something like 96 children.
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