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Farscape! and stuff.

I'm really happy so far with the Farscape mini series. I still haven't seen the second part as I had to go to my ninja class, but I'm taping it. I'm just waiting now for it to be over so I can watch the tape. The special effects were very good, I thought, and it was great seeing everyone again. I really hope they bring back the series. I really liked it. That and Firefly.

Oh, my mom made contact with some very good friends of the family that we had lost contact with. She was so excited and happy about it. The family is the Huffakers, and we were very close to them when I was growing up. We were all Mormons together and they had 9 kids in their family. Now the youngest (whom I knew before she was born) is now due to have her own baby in a couple of months. Time really flies. We were best friends with Scott, who was the second born and a couple months younger than Bob (my fraternal twin brother) and me. March 6th, I believe. I had the best times visiting them when I was younger. There was one Christmas we spend with them (at least a week if not two) that really sticks in my mind. My brother and I had gotten a bunch of new D&D books and I got Rush's "Fly by Night" album and Ozzie's "Diary of a Madman" and we had so much fun just being with the Huffakers. I was in middle school at the time I think. It was truly magical.

We are to get together and see them on Nov. 20th. Lily, the youngest, is having a recital in Lansing, where Scott lives. Mom gave me his address and phone number as well as those of his parents.

Almost time to watch Farscape.
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