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New swear words

I have to thank sihaya09 for introducing me to the term "Fucktard." What a great word! Many implicit meanings and sounds really great when said and is also very satisfying to say. It has an elegant crudeness to it. Now for really crude phrases, my co-worker told me of a phrase he heard a guy say to his wife in public. She was nagging the guy and he finally says to her, "Shut up or I'll knuckle-fuck you in the cocksucker!" This has to be one of the most crude phrases I've ever heard. Now my co-worker and I say that to each other in mock anger all the time. "Get a truck for that load or I'll knuckle-fuck you in the cocksucker." "Hey, Fucktard, get off my back! Don't make me get up out of my chair or I'll be coming out the booth! I'm a truck turd, not a magician." "I'll get off your back when you get me a truck, Fuckturd." etc. ad infinitum. I've got him saying Fucktard as well. And he really does refer to himself as a truck turd. Well, he does deal with transportation... So from "Fucktard", I was able to extrapolate "Fuckturd."

Which leads us to the new word. Fuckturd. This would be one step lower than being a Fucktard. You could even be a big steaming pile of Fuckturd. Having a really shitty day? Then why not say, "My day has been really fuckturded." Or, "It's a really fuckturd kind of day." Or, "Hey, how's your day been?" "Like a big steaming pile of fuckturd."

So thank you sihaya09. I've been meaning to thank you for weeks, but never got around to it. May you always step clear of falling piles of fuckturd.
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