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Here it is, my report on my Thursday (arrival)
Got a bit of a late start to go pick up moonstone1220 and then to Maryland, but we got there to get her near Toledo, OH around 11am. Had a pleasant trip to Maryland. As we drove through Gettysburg, we were taken by the charm of the place and decided to come back on Friday. We would have time to kill as our hosts had to work, so it would work out well. Got to satikat's place, in Westminster, where acousticdream was already there, although she had to leave. We headed out to Wal-mart to pick up some stuff (I got a new zip up jacket. Very soft and warm. Yay me!) and then went to Denny's for a bite to eat. Got back and went to bed at satikat's. Was very glad to see everyone and got lots of hugs.

Friday (hanging around)
Liz, myself and moonstone1220 got ready and headed out to Gettysburg. It is a very cool town. Went to the visitor center, got a map, went to the national cemetary, looked at memorials, went to a few shops and went on the auto tour. Ended up at Devil's Den. What an absolutely fantastic place. The rocks are fantastic and I managed to take a few pictures (for future paintings). We decided to come back the next day before the CLG Samhain ritual and take more pictures. I would get my very own camera so I could take all the painting photos I wanted.

Headed back and met satikat at the Westminster Mall and got something to eat while satikat and moonstone1220 were shopping for shoes. Went to get some food for later, and more cameras, and headed out to acousticdream's place where we all watched Van Helsing. moonstone1220 , meanwhile, went out to have dinner and spend the evening with her aunt and uncle. I thought it was a good movie and really liked the soundtrack. All the women raved over Hugh Jackman's ass, while I could appreciate the leading lady's cleavage. Yes, I was made to pause and zoom in on certain parts of Hugh's anatomy. While there, admiring acousticdream's kick-ass computer, saw an IM from sparkliedragon. Seemed she had a plan to glitter me, so I issued a challenge. I was told to bring it, and brought it I did (more later).

Went back to satikat's place for the night, which involved wacky high jinx as we drove home in a pea soup fog with Sati chatting in the backseat, forgetting to give me directions until we had already passed roads we needed to turn on, etc. Still it was a fun drive and we made it home safe.

Saturday (pictures, ritual, Rocky Horror)
Liz and I got up early and headed out to Gettysburg. It was rather foggy, but we found Devil's Den easily enough. I took lots of very cool pictures. The most frustrating thing for me and photography is that you could be looking at this great scene, but looking through the camera it suddenly doesn't look that great. The camera has no peripheral vision and a much narrower scope of vision than I do. Oh, well, I tried to get pictures of things that would make really great paintings. Devil's Den is such a great place. I've noticed that all the cool places get "Devil" thrown into the name. I hope the pictures come out okay. I'll have to post some of them.

After we were done looking around Gettysburg and where "Pickett's Charge" took place, we headed to Baltimore for the Cedar Light Grove, ADF ritual. We had great directions and found the place no problem. We got there around 2:30ish, I think. Got more hugs and met Squire Joe, (from Virginia) whom I knew already. It was really great seeing him. Also met sparkliedragon's new friend Mark. I also had revenge from Wellspring. As I hugged sparkliedragon in greeting, I liberally sprinkled her with glitter I had hidden on my person. Ah, happiness! The look on her face was priceless. We helped get things ready, and then it was time for the ritual.

I really liked the ritual and thought it went fairly smoothly. I've already critiqued elsewhere, so won't go into too much here. I agreed with Sati's omen taking. And a good omen was finally had, which is really the whole point anyway. The feast afterwards was great, and yummy. Met a lot of great people and fulfilled my Ambassadorial duties for my Grove. I like visiting other Groves and seeing how they do things. I'm very proud of the people who ran the ritual, which was their first time. They have great potential and will make great liturgists.

After the feast and a bit of hanging around, we all got ready to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was live in the round at a small theater in Baltimore. The Spotlighters, I believe. satikat, moonstone1220 and sparkliedragon got all dolled up in black outfits, and very high heels. Sati looked especially hot in her huge eyelashes and her spiked choker. Very hot. They all looked great. Liz and I were in normal clothes as was Squire Joe and Mark. Personally, I hadn't seen the movie in like 19-20 years, so I was looking forward to the live production as being a bit of a treat. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the whole thing after so long and had figured I had out grown it. Squire Joe and Sati drove together and the rest of us followed in Mark's truck. Wacky High Jinx ensued. acousticdream stayed behind. And I do mean wacky high jinx ensued. Won't go into details.

Finally found a parking spot and walked to the theatre, which was a basement establishment. No one died in their heels. sparkliedragon had especially tall heels. Went to a door and opened it to find ourselves looking onto the stage from behind the band. We quickly closed the door and tried the other door. Got our virgin kits assembled (newspaper, a light, a noise maker, rubber gloves, and a boa) and waited outside. We were about an hour early. Met some people and had fun waiting. Glittered the girls (voluntarily on their part) Then the earlier show let out and we eventually went in and got our tickets.

We were seated and then the pre-show entertainment started. moonstone1220 and sparkliedragon got pulled up on stage along with two guys, one being a nice jewish gay fellow we had met outside and chatted with, the other being a stranger. The object of this game was for one person to eat a Snickers bar off of the other person. moonstone1220 ended up with the candy bar in her cleavage for sparkliedragon to eat. One of the guys had to put it in his crotch. The the delight and amazement of everyone, the stranger guy actually unzipped and stuck it in. Our friend from outside, (damn, we never got his name) dove into it with gusto and won the competition.

Then to my horror, I was dragged on stage along with four other people. We had to compete in faking orgasms. The first woman was really weak. The second guy didn't really do anything at all. Then it was my turn. I hammed it up, with gusto, and thought I did a very nice job. The next guy did an okay job as well. The last woman would have been okay, but cut it pretty short. Then came the judging. Me and the guy after me tied and we had a orgasm-off. The woman running the game (who later in the show sat in my lap) would point to each of us and we would have to fake an orgasm on the spot. However, I got into it and closed my eyes and couldn't see the cue. No winner was decided, but at least I made it to the finals. Anyway, I got some candy for my effort. My friends complimented my later.

Anyway, the show was very nice and I enjoyed myself. The cast was very energetic and really enjoyed themselves. It was very cleverly done and it had to have been a challenge to make sure all four sides of the theater were seeing things. I couldn't remember all the lines, and some lines didn't translate from the movie (such as the Cathy Rigby one when Eddie dies) . Cast members would sit around the theater and call out stuff, which was nice as it didn't leave everything up to the audience. The narrator did an especially good job. Kudos to the actors.

Afterwards, we went back to CLG (without dying) and hung out and drank (well, not me or Liz) and got ready for bed, we all stayed there except for Mark and sparkliedragon. We made up beds, brushed teeth, changed into jammies and went to bed. Of course we all talked for a good long while giggling like teens, finally drifting off. Liz and I had unzipped a sleeping bag and put down some sheets, so we were nice and cozy. Squire Joe and satikat slept on an air mattress together.

Woke up much later to an ungodly, horrific sound. Hurricane? Tornado? Demolition? It was Squire Joe snoring. I couldn't believe that a human could actually make noises like that. Not just loud, strange and loud. Liz had been given some earplugs earlier so she used them and also pulled a blanket over us as it had gotten a bit chilly. I ended up sleeping on my side with fingers in the exposed ear. That helped and let me get back to sleep. I'm not blaming Joe. He couldn't help himself.

Sunday (sad good-byes)
Got up, showered with Liz, got dressed, got packed, ate home made beef jerky, gave farewell hugs and finally left. I drove until Breezewood, where we ate (me, Liz and moonstone1220) at a Subway. Liz took over the driving then and got us through Pennsylvania. I had a nap and took over the driving in Ohio. Got moonstone1220 safely back to Toledo and headed for home. Still unglittered by sparkliedragon. I expect a massive retaliation at some point. I like to think my mad ninja skills kept me safe while I was in Baltimore, but more likely, sparkliedragon was just being nice.

A big, big thank you to satikat for making this possible. Big hugs and kisses too. She made us feel very welcomed and loved. She's family now in my book. Of course, sparkliedragon, moonstone1220 and acousticdream are like family too, but Sati really went the extra mile; got us a place to stay, got us tickets for RHS made sure we felt good and led a great ritual. Thank you.
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