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Thursday stuff

Ninja class was okay. I'm told that I should be teaching kids ninja stuff soon. I will have to go in for an interview, but that should be cake. Afterall, I'll be teaching once a week for an hour. I've taught kids three classes at least twice a week for five years or so in the past. And this stuff is much more fun than what I was teaching before. Then I have to take a drug test (not a problem) and then that's that.

The ninja class will also be at 7:30 instead of 8 and be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Wednesday class will be mostly for beginners so I won't have to go that often, so my Wednesdays won't be disrupted. Hopefully we will get more students at the earlier time slot. I should also be able to work out afterwards. The changes will take place next month most likely.

A friend from ninja class (the one who had the stroke) told me something funny. Apparently written on a bathroom stall wall was the following: "If you voted for Bush you can't take a shit here. Your asshole is in Washington." Loved it.

Busy weekend. There's Fire Watch on Friday and the swearing in of the new Grove officers. Not me because my term is for two years and I was re-elected last year. Or Rob, the SD, as he has a three year term. Then I will lead the evening Samhain Rite on Saturday. Then on Sunday there will be Guild Day at my house. So everyone needs to come to that.

I had a really nice time last weekend visiting Cedar Light Grove, even if I did have to get up on stage and fake an orgasm twice for complete strangers. You all are very great! Oh, that reminds me. Sati, you still have my rocks. Please keep them safe and feel free to use them until I can get them from you. Probably at Trillium next year. Liz wants to vacation at Gettysburg next September sometime. Turns out we need to reserve hotel space now. A lot of the hotels are already booked. She ordered a big book about things to do there. It is a really nice place. Will have to post some pictures of Devil's Den. Very cool place.

Well off for bed now.
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