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Samhain #2

Got back from the evening rite about an hour or so ago. It went pretty good. I led the ritual and was told I did a nice job. Everything worked out just fine, including the thing with having the ancestors live temporarily in a doll. It was a fantastic doll, complete with a little outfit that was made by a Grove member. Very nice. We will be making little jointed plush dolls to sell. Right now they will be elemental type dolls. These will sell very well and we will make shit loads of money. I mean SHIT loads. They are so very cool. Later we plan on making whole pantheons of these things.

But I digress... Me being Pursewarden and talk of money...

We had about 28 people at the evening rite and about 31 for the afternoon. The ritual was a bit unusual in that after the omen and the return flow, we all went back up to the hearth fire, with the ancestor doll and had our feast. Then afterwards, I brought it back down to the Nemeton (with some of the people) and closed out the ritual (gave thanks, closed the portals, etc.)

Had a weird omen at first. I pulled Mannaz (mankind), Hagalaz (disruption) and Laguz (water & hidden things). Now, I didn't feel anything was wrong, so Hagalaz was puzzling especially with the other runes. So I pulled another rune to clarify and got Fehu (increase). So now I was able to get the message. It was that even though we (the people gathered-Mannaz) face disruptions (Hagalaz) in our lives, we are watched over by our ancestors and the Gods who guide us although they are frequently hidden from our perception (Laguz), but they want us to do well and to prosper (Fehu). So it was a good omen. Yay!

And we made $170. Our site fee is $100. Usually it's $80, but we have two rituals for Samhain and the evening one runs rather late. Mostly the extra price is to pay for the extra fire wood that is used. But still $170 is rather well. I'm happy. Will deposit the money tomorrow after clean up. Since it's quite late when we get done, we have to go back to clean up and pack everything back up. That will be at noon. Then it's Guild Day at 2pm. So everyone will need to come to that.

So now I'm home in my comfy robe at my computer. I just paid my cell phone bill online. Yay technology.
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