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Thanksgiving day. - Jumping into the Void — LiveJournal

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November 25th, 2004

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10:27 am - Thanksgiving day.
I got to use the snow blower that we got from Liz's parents. Very cool. Got the shoveling done in a fraction of the time and no back ache. It's quite loud though :)

Angus and Emma got to go outside in the snow. This is a first. They didn't like it. The ground was all wet and cold and that snow stuff really needs to go. Angus spent the entire time under the bushes trying not to touch the snow. Emma hid under the deck until she could make a dash for the door. Angus finally came out, stepping very carefully in my foot prints, trying not to freak. He slowly made his way up on to the deck and made it inside safely. Very funny.

I have to shower now so that I'm not all disheveled when the guests arrive. The turkey is cooking away.

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