uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Friday through Sunday

My fraternal twin, Bob, came over Friday. We went running on the trails near me, in the snow. Then we came back, showered and tried to get Neverwinter Nights to work. For some reason it doesn't want to work right. We had no luck, which may be caused by not enough hard drive space. It's over 2 gigs! Then we went over Bob's Magic: the Gathering cards and put together a white/green deck for him. He brought back a sleeping bag we had thought was lost, which was nice. Overall, I had a good time.

The in-laws came over for lunch on Saturday. Liz's dad wanted to talk to us about stocks. Turns out they want us to start investing and plan on giving us money to do so. We will let them know for sure by Christmas, but I think it's a great idea. Now I have to do some research, although he gave us a list of stocks that Liz's uncle Roger picked, and he used to be a very good stock broker before he retired. We might just use that list.

Today will hopefully be a lazy day. Just sit around and eat pie and turkey and stuff.

I've been taking a notebook to work to work on my novel. I've been doing the synopsis and also writing a bunch of background stuff. Species cultural information, technology information. It will be a science fiction novel although it will have some magic in it. One of the hardes things is to decide what the level of technology or magic for the different races should be. Plus there are all the other species that need cultural notes and background stuff. It's a challenge. I'm almost done with the synopsis based on one character's point of view and will then work on another based on a second character's point of view. The novel is a supplement to the role playing game I'm working on. Once I get all the background stuff taken care of, I'm hoping it will be easier to actually write it. I've already written some early chapters, but they are no good as I've already changed how things are to be.
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