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I hate my job. There, that's out of the way.

I opened up a personal online investing account with ShareBuilder. The good points of Sharebuilder are that at the lowest level account there is no monthly fee, each transaction is only $4 and there is no minimum to buy. I could have $10 and be able to buy a partial stock if I wanted to. The bad points are that in order to get the $4 per trade you are limited in the stocks you can pick from and you can only buy or sell once a week. Real time trades are $15.95. This gets cheaper if you get the better accounts which means monthly fees. I have $30 to play with so far and I've decided to invest in Sirius Sattelite Radio. My trade will go through next Tuesday. I'm excited about it.

For our investing I want to go with ScottTrade This has a $500 minimum to open account and trades are $7, but you don't have to deal with the once week buying thing which makes it more responsive.

Oh, I got hired at Bally's last Saturday. I'll be teaching the kids ninja class starting Jan. 8th, the day before my birthday.

I've had to hold a cute little kitten for several hours now. She's sleeping with a peaceful look on her face. My arm hurts from supporting her, but she is so cute.

And also...

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The Lion Clan


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