uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Finding Neverland

Liz and I saw Finding Neverland tonight. It was a great movie. It made me cry. The last 20 minutes of the movie is one big tear fest. It was really a beautiful movie and I look forward to getting it when it comes out on DVD. It reminded me of why I got into magic and paganism in the first place. One of my fears is to be stuck in a completely mundane world without any magic in it at all. That would be unbearable. I never made the connection before that the crocodile with the clock inside it represents time and how it's always waiting for you.

I would write more, but my sinuses hurt, so I want to make this post brief.

We came home and needed something to cheer us up a bit after the movie. We ended up watching 102 Dalmations on tv. Little emma sat in front of the tv and watched a good bit of it. She was really into it.

Going to work out tomorrow and then later is our company's Holiday Party. Free food, yay! Then Sunday is Guild Day.
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