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Well, today has been good.

Got up at 1pm. Had a nice e-mail chat with Sati. Showered and then went to my company's Holiday Party. It wesa gretty good. The food was okay. There was this magician who provided some entertainment. He was really good. We got our bonus (only $45 dollars, but hey, it's something) and a certificate of appreciation for being there 5 years. I also got a nice watch for being there 5 years. Since I don't wear watches anymore, I'll probably give it away. So if you get a nice mens watch from me, you will know where it came from.

I'm now watching an Alison Kraus + Union Street concert that was filmed in Louisville. Emma is watching it with me. She's taken to watching TV, although I think that she thinks that the people are actually in TV. She will sometimes crawl behind the TV to look for them. We have a little foot rest set up in front of the TV and she is sitting looking intently at the TV. Very cute.
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