uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

I bought some Yule cards for friends in Maryland and Ohio. They were hand made in Equador with hand made paper, even the envelopes. The envelopes themselves are worth the price of admission, but I won't say more and spoil the surprise. I'll have to write nice things in them. I will need addresses for some people: acousticdream, sparkliedragon and moonstone1220. You can e-mail me at uberrod@comcast.net. acousticdream would it be okay if I sent Sati's Yule card and present to your place for her, what with her moving and everything?

Work was okay, and we worked out and I had my ninja class. Am having yogurt and apples for dinner. And a cool Hershey's chocolate thing. It's a huge slab that has all the 12 days of Christmas represented. It's such a work of art that it's a shame to eat it. I am eating it, but it is a shame nonetheless.
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