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Taken from chronarchy

Your Room

Your Window The Window: Your Attitude

Your choice of the forest reveals a person who is lush, verdant and fertile. You are complex. At times serene and tranquil, you provide an atmosphere of relaxation and retreat which is a very powerful magnet. But you are not perfect. You habitually needle people. In your youth you swayed to the hot, pulsing beat of "Light my Fire" (despite the danger it posed to yourself, friends and family). Frequent anti-fire lectures by Smokey the Bear fell on deaf ears. With greater maturity you can now see the forest for the trees. Success for you now may be better defined as a branch office and an oak desktop. Conversely you may be hiding a secret desire to dress as a girl and sing the Monty Python song, "I'm a lumberjack." Whatever -- you know the ultimate truth "No tree grows to the sky."

Your Lover
Click to Play! The Music: Your Lover

You rock while your partner rolls creating a pulsing beat that reaches to your very core. Your passion is deep and demanding, yet can often be fickle as it is pulled from one trend to the next, constantly trying to find a real hot groove.

Your Picture The Pictures: Your Relationships

Revealing an adventurous, possibly madcap person who scavenges friends and relations from the scrap-metal heap of life and then through superior insight helps them to realize their fine talents so they too may soar above the clouds in riveting pirouettes of grace and death-defying stunts.

Your Garbage The Garbage: Your Problems

Problems come and go in your life but they do not cause you undue stress. You relax in the knowledge that you have an enduring, attractive and stylish response to the detritus of life. Your supreme confidence frees you from convention. Problems need not be hidden from sight but rather are handled in a transparent, translucent and effortless manner. You are on your way to achieving guru status for your wise handling of life's problems.

Your Clock The Clock: Your Future

Your future is that of a visionary, imagining scenarios for the next millennium. You may find yourself at home in an expansive industrial space,or marking time in a future warped out of a Douglas Coupland novel. Guard against your tendency for depression at your core. It is pronounced and evident to all. While this could cause consternation your off-beat sense of yourself redefines your concave, pillowy body as a life saving buoy fed solely on peanut butter thumbprint cookies. Your hands continually caress your external self causing others to accuse you of an inflated ego, but you know that time will pass and prove you to be right on.
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