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I went to this lecture by Dr. Saper of the Michigan Head Pain Institute. Fascinating stuff. Migraines are really complex. I had wondered about my sinus problems as they started right after I got rid of my migraines and they acted the same way. I got nauseous, sometimes vomited, got a bit dizzy, etc. Throwing up also helped, which is common with migraines. However, the pain was in a different place and it responded to different meds. For example, the migraines never responded to stuff with codeine in it, while the sinus pain would. But the other symptoms always kept me thinking.

I learned that 9 out of 10 sinus headaches are indeed migraine related. So it seems that my migraine problem only metamorphed into sinus troubles. Also, for women, their periods can be a big cause for migraines. When there is a big drop in estrogen, the body goes through witdrawal which can trigger a migraine. Stess also plays a part and can make things worse.

The lecture was put on by Pfizer whe gave everyone free pads of paper and pens pushing some migraine medicine. But I learned a lot and was happy I went. Of course I got a sinus headache tonight.
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