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I ended up teaching the ninja class because my instructor's sister fell and hurt herself and needs some help with an 18 month old. We went over basics and I showed some cool things to do in a bar fight if someone swings at you with a round house (haymaker) punch. Then I did a variation which was even easier and then moved on to defense against a baseball bat. I was complimented for the cool things I taught. So, I'm feelin' groovy.

I borrowed an Alison Kraus cd from co-worker. The album is "Forget About It." I really like Alison Kraus and think she does a great job. I still have the live concert of her on DVD, which I need to give back. I wanted to borrow this particular disk as it had "Stay" on it, which is one of my favorites. I'm ripping it now.

I'm eating leftover beef fried rice, then I'll have some peach yogurt, and maybe some pretzels with dip. I already ate all of the Pirouettes. Man, are those good!

Hey, it's Yule this weekend if anyone wants to come. Will be fun. I pray to Danu for lots of snow so we can all go out and have our sacred snowball fight and enjoy the gifts of winter. May our delight be pleasing to You.
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