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I'm taping the Earthsea miniseries on Sci Fi channel. It lookes interesting and I hope they do in justice. I'm not watching it at the moment because I didn't get home until 10pm and it started at 9pm. I'll start watching when they repeat it at 11.

You know, a lot of Alison Kraus' stuff is sad. I remember from the concert DVD they played a song (I think it was "Ghost in This House") and then she spoke about it. She mentioned who the writer was and who was singing it when she first heard it. "I thought to myself that has to be the most horrible song I've ever heard... We have to do it.... Because no one leaves our concerts happy!" This of course brought laughs from the audience. She's pretty funny. But the live music sounds just like the albums. My co-worker, who is in a band always goes on about this. He says it makes him sick how much more talented she and her band is compared to his (and his band is really good). But he says it in a good way and full of awe.

I forgot my novel notebook and at work I designed species and space ships instead. This was a challenge. It's hard to have a vague idea what the things look like and being unable to translate that well on paper. But I came up with some promising things. Good jumping points at least.
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