uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Lonely Tuesday

I'm sitting here, all lonely, as Rob, my SD won't be coming to the Liturgist Roundtable to plan our Yule Rite next Saturday, which I will be leading and its unlikely anyone else will show up. He got free tickets to see the Lemony Snickets movie with his fiancee. (Everyone pray for snow so we can have our sacred snowball fight. Pray to Danu) But Yule is pretty much planned anyway. We will do the same thing as last year. The only thing is I don't think we have a Danu robe to use (our return flow is Danu and Bel handing out gifts). So we will have to get something between now and Saturday. Also we will be in a new location and I think I still need directions.

So I'll probably play some Neverwinter Nights and watch the second installment of Earthsea. Overall, I rather liked the first one, especially the parts I recognised from the books. They changed things around a bit, but I can understand due to space reasons and trying to make the whole thing more unified. The trilogy spanned a good number of years for the character, which I'm sure they want to avoid. also the Priestesses are guarding the world from the Nameles Ones instead of worshipping them, but that's okay. Danny Glover did a great job.

I believe I have all the addresses I need to send out Yule Cards. I'll have to do some cool Runic Reiki things to them. See if you can feel what I've done.

Let's see what else.... I'm almost finished with the synopsis of my novel with the first perspective. Next I will have to write one from the other person's perspectives. Then I will refine that and then break it up into chapters and then perhaps outline it at that point. I'm still working on background stuff, but with writing the synopsis I can see how I want things to fit in overall and plan accordingly. The role playing game is trickier what with coming up with a bunch of skills and background traits and points for things and damage ratings for weapons and come up with an easier magic system. I made one , but it would involve a lot of dice rolling. At least 3 and maybe 5 times just for one effect. I had everything flow charted. I'm trying to come up with a magic system that is open ended like the one in Mage: the Ascension, but not just copy what they have. It has to fit the flavor of my game.
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