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Bought Return of the King extended version. Have to take it back to exchange because it has a really bad skip. But overall I thought the extended version was much better than the theatrical one. It made the movie flow better and make much more sense.

Also bought Liz the unrated extended director's cut of King Arthur and Van Helsing for Christmas. She can't open them until Sat.

It's strange to be Pagan and still celebrating Christmas. True, it's only the presents and Santa thing, but still... But all the relatives celebrate it so what can you do? Actually things seem rather anticlimactic since my Grove had it's Soltice thing last weekend.

Someone paid me money for a Runic Reiki attunement. They are in Saskatchewan and sent me $50 via my PayPal button on my website. That's really cool and I'm glad that the whole PayPal thing works. I have to force myself to save it and not buy Magic: the Gathering Cards. I want to buy a new computer so am asking for only money for both Christmas and my birthday (Jan. 9). I can get a good deal at E-bay or Ubid.com. Or there's the local computer place that can build me one. And my brother will be giving me his old PDA as soon as he can find the syncronizing software, and he's been threatening to give me his old snow board and force me to go. He says I should be really good given my martial arts and modest me must agree. I look at it like riding a horse. You can't approach it being timid. You just have to jump in there and take the bull by the horns and mix up them metaphors.

Been working out fairly regularly and had a really good workout Monday. I'm seeing some results. I'm getting pecs!! Woot! Now all I have to do is lose the fat around my tummy so that I can show off the great abs that lurk beneath.
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