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Finance stuff

I think I will switch from ShareBuilder to Firstrade. While ShareBuilder lets you buy stock at $4 and has no minimum to open an account, you are limited in the number of stocks and can only buy once a week. And when you want to sell, you have to do a real time trade at a rate of $15.95. Firstrade is like $7 for trades and you are not limited in the number of stocks. The only drawback is that you have to buy whole shares and not partial shares like with ShareBuilder. But there is no minimum to open an account. So I started one. I sold all my stocks I had at ShareBuilder and now have to wait 3 days to be able to get my money. And of course I had to pay the $15.95 for each of my stocks. So that's almost $32 down the drain.

I would prefer Scottrade, which also has not only $7 trades, but $7 limit trades as well. This is when your stock reaches a pre-determined amount it is automatically sold for you. Usually these kinds of trades are at least double what you normally have to pay. But Scottrade has a $500 minimum. I've opened a joint account for Liz and myself, but am a long way off from opening one for myself. I will have to be content with Firstrade.

I also got a couple books on investing. One is Online Trading for Dummies (that's how I found Firstrade) and the other is How to Make Money in Stocks. I saw the second book in Barnes & Noble as we were there so Liz could spent her gift certificate. It gave really good advice on buying and selling. Like if your stock drops 7-8% of its starting value, sell. and if it goes to 20% of starting value sell. Unless it does 20% within a week, then you may want to wait a week to let it grow a bit more. Doing well in the stock market is about cutting your loses quickly when you make a mistake rather than picking a super great stock. Lots of people hang on to bad stock longer than they should and do not look at the situation objectively. So I went back to Barnes & Noble after ninja class and got it.

I'm also saving up for a new computer. I have a little over $350 so far and will wait until after my birthday comes around to see how much I have then. (hint: birthday is Jan 9) I should have at least $500 by then, and may wait until Feb to save allowance money and also money from my new job.

Yes, that's right. I've mentioned this already, but this coming Saturday is the first kids ninja class I will be teaching as an official employee of Bally's. I already have two students signed up. I have to get a calender ready of classes through Feb. so everyone will know my schedule. I won't be able to make the Feb. 19th class because of (ConVocation this really big Pagan convention in MI. I will be doing Runic Reiki classes and I believe my Grove wants to do a ritual. Anyway, my ninja instructor will be out of town and won't be able to cover for me. This is okay. I'll just have to put a calender together clearly showing which dates will have no classes. Still, I'm excited about teaching again. I was really sad to have to quit teaching karate years ago, but there was a work conflict. And this new style will be much more fun to teach and I won't have to worry about tournaments.

Now, I need to get more creative. I need to finish my painting and get it to my Grovemate's store to get sold. I've probably already mentioned that she will have a mini gallery in the store. I figure I can get $300 easy for my painting. Assuming I finish it. It's been unfinished for 6-7 years. Make that 7-8 years. It's pretty much done except for the lower left quarter, which is rocks. Evil rocks that don't want to behave. It took me the longest time to just find the right color, let alone get it to go right on canvas. And I also have to work a bit more on the water in the lower right quarter. The picture is of the largest waterfall in the Lower Pennisula, which is measured by volume, cause it's not that big of a waterfall. But then it doesn't have to be to be the biggest in the Lower Pennisula of MI.

Must get to bed, so I will say "Goodnight." Or in Welsh, "Nos da."
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