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Runic Reiki

I've been getting quite a few extra symbols since I started teaching Runic Reiki. One I got today. I don't know what it does, but it really packs a wollop energy-wise. And it's a very strange looking symbol. I have the symbol and a name, but no clue as to what it's for. I'll have to experiment and ask the Gods later if it can't be figured out. I'll probably post the mystery ones to the Runic Reiki e-mail list and have others experiment as well. Got another today and have a name, but no clue what it does.

But what to do with all the extra symbols. Some are part of the theoretical level 2 Runic Reiki, which I'm still not sure is for other people. Well a couple are good for everyone, but not others. This would include the kick-ass symbol mentioned above. the level 2 symbols are all triangular/diamondy and have -tor as suffixes a lot. or -ai. The one's I feel good about sharing are Grishtor used to Hallow things, and Koltai (a recent one) for protection. Actually it's Ultimate Protection. Maybe also, Vash Tor (also new), which is a stronger version of Shambul. Shambul may be filtering things too much and making the system all too goody-goody. Then there are the two mystery ones mentioned above.

Other new level one Runic Reiki symbols (which tend to be round and look like crop circles) is one for grounding, one for restoration and one for opening and closing things. There is a mystery one here too. I have a name and the symbol but no clue otherwise.

Over all it's been interesting in working with this new system and getting information from Odin and Freya. And I realize that this post won't make much sense to many reading it, even those who are attuned to Runic Reiki. But I feel a need to discuss it to mention the new progress that's happened. I keep thinking what am I going to do with all these symbols? There's already quite a bit now, what with the Runes thrown in as well. But still the core remains Shai Nal.

Also, I'm eager to have other people look at the objects charged with Runic Reiki and to have them feel the energies. I think that they are quite powerful feeling.

Hey, I was supposed to go to bed....
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