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We got about a foot of snow since Friday night. I made it to my martial arts class, but no students showed up which is not surprising. I waited 20 minutes and then left. Then I got some gas for the snow blower and went home. Meijer's was very busy as everyone was getting supplies for the snow storm. Snow blowers are really nice, even with a foot of snow. Clearing the snow didn't take very long and Liz helped by clearing the front porch.

Then I took it easy and even had a nap. I fell asleep watching the History Channel. After a show on UFO and Russia, there was a show about Jack Ruby. One theory is that the whole JFK assassination was a mob hit, as Bobby Kennedy was waging a very successful war against organized crime. All of organized crime was facing extinction and so they hit the president. As one person said, if you are being hit by a dog's tail, take out the head.

I woke up to a program about the War of 1812. What an amazing time. I never realized how dire the situation was for the US. I was thinking that if I could go back then, I'd do things differently. I'd hid the British at night and use a lot of guerilla tactics. Use bows and arrows to take out the sentinals and then sneak in and cut throats at night. There's nothing worse for morale than waking up dead. Of course, this same tactic is why the marines are called "leathernecks," as they had to deal with this with the Spanish American War and took to wearing leather collars to bed.
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