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February 10th, 2005

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08:12 pm - Investments
Well, I sold our stock yesterday. Got a 22.3% profit give or take to account for the trading fees. Bought at $17.38 and sold at $21.61 with 25 shares. I made almost $100. The stock closed yesterday at $21.69. Then today the stock plummeted and lost $3.16 per share. And the trading volume was absolutely huge! Over a million and a half trades. It had been between 600-800,000. That tells me that the industry buyers (the mutual fund people) are all on board to dump this stock. Of course, it could just have been profit taking, like what I did, and it could rebound back up. But I'm still very glad I got out. Odin was whispering for me not to get greedy and to sell when I got the profit I wanted. He said that I would grouse about how I could have made more if I held out longer (which I did as the stock at one point was $22.09), but in the long run I would be happy about it. If this downward movement continues into a trend, I will be very happy indeed. I'm glad I had the wisdom to listen.

Now I get to choose another stock to buy over the weekend. The money won't become available to spend until then.
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