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I found a good way to level up in Never Winter Nights. After you get out of Luskan you end up in some town. At one point you can enter a magical snow globe where dwarves and dryads are battling each other. The dwarves won't attack you, but the dryads will. If you kill a dryad, they just come back at this green light. So you just stand near this light and kill dryads for a long time. Sure you only get 3-4 experience points for each one you kill, but you never run out. I've got the Great Cleave feat and a ring that let's me regenerate. I also have an AC of 30, so the most they ever damage me is 3, which is recovered quickly enough with the regeneration ring. Plus they don't damage me that often. With the Great Cleave feat, you just keep hacking away at available targets. So set it up and you can walk away for hours, while you rack up experience. I've gone up two levels so far. I'll need it as there is a white dragon to kill. Does anyone know of a good way to kill this dragon?

I also made chili today. I used two pounds of hamburger, a whole bottle of Harp lager in it and let it cook for well over an hour and a half. It's damn good.

Getting ready for Convocation. We leave Thursday 2/17 and won't get back till Sunday2/20. It's only in Troy, which is about a good hour away. I'll be teaching more Runic Reiki there. I've changed the name of Runic Reiki to Rún Valdr. This is Old Norse for Rune Power/Authority. I've been trying to distance Rún Valdr from Reiki as it is more different than similar. I like to say that it is not a Reiki that uses Runes, but rather it is a Reiki-like way to use Runes.
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